Dec 1, 2023
1h 5min
Episode 2

"Navigating Organizational Dynamics" with Luka Pregelj & Marko Šopar

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In this insightful bonus episode of the Code and Culture podcast, host Luka, the CEO of Quantifly, takes the guest seat, interviewed by Marko. They delve into the essence of organizations, dissecting when a group transitions into an organized entity with a shared mission and vision. Luka expertly navigates through the nuances of organizational purpose, the importance of mission and vision, and the human element in business growth. The conversation further explores the parallels between organizations and organisms, the signs of thriving vs. dying organizations, and the challenges faced during rapid scaling, including leadership development and workload management. This episode is a deep dive into understanding the complexities of organizational behavior and how to foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and adaptability.